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Mr Corbyn himself has been repeatedly criticised for once describing terror group Hamas as He has twice suspended his friend and colleague Ken Livingstone over allegations of anti-Semitism.

Laura Stuart is one of several people who are thought to post on @Gaza Boat Convoy, which describes itself as a pro-Palestine campaign.

By 1941, there were two separate synagogues in Kobe, one for the Ashkenazim and another for the Sephardim.Israel's security minister has accused the Labour leadership of anti-Semitism and expressed hope the views of those at the top of the party 'will be changed'.Gilad Erdan, Israel's public security minister, is tipped as the next Prime Minister of Israel.The views.'That they will come to the right decisions about people in their party who don't understand that Hamas is a recognised terror organisation, that you cannot have a regular relationship with a terror organisation.'Asked if he was calling Mr Corbyn an anti-Semite, Mr Erdan said: 'I didn't say it.I said there are views that are very close to anti-Semitism in the leadership of the Labour party today in the UK.'Labour has been mired in anti-Semitism allegations since Mr Corbyn took over as leader.

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During WWII, the Sephardic synagogue burnt down as the result of a US air raid, and the Ashkenazim shared their space with the Sephardic community.

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