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The report said that the reason for the apparent break-up is Kwok's unhappiness with Fang's materialism.

Rumours of their break-up first started in March this year, after Fang wanted Kwok to buy a luxury apartment in Shanghai which subtly hinted at marriage for the pair.

Drive slowly.” The pair have been rumoured to be dating for some time, when Aaron was revealed to be using Instagram to get acquainted with models.

At that time, Moka insisted she was just friends with the singer.

Hong Kong singer and dancer Aaron Kwok has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend according to a report in Lianhe Wanbao.

The 51-year-old received the Best Actor award at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards last Sunday (April 3) but suspicions of their break-up arose after he didn't mention his girlfriend, Moka Fang, in his speech.

On Fang's end, it was reported in Lianhe Wanbao that there were hints of Kwok's "disappearance" on her Sina Weibo account.

Kwok went public with Fang on Sina Weibo last December when a photo showing them dining together was uploaded on Kwok's account.

The caption read: "This way, we have to eat a little slower...(do we? Fang reposted the photo on her own Weibo page shortly after Kwok.

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