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As a BOT, Her Majesty the Queen is Bermuda's official Head of State. which costs the Bermuda taxpayers million a year.The Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bermuda (see next paragraph) is appointed by The Queen (on the advice of the British Government in London) after consultation with the Premier of Bermuda. It is for the upkeep of Government House and its 30-plus pristine acres and for the Governor and Deputy Governor's salary and their cars, their security, their travel, their housekeepers, their domestic staff and their accommodation.Uniforms for the Governor are made in London by Davies & Sons.They include a full dress blue and tropical cotton drill.The salaries of the Governor, Deputy Governor and their staff are paid by Bermuda's taxpayers, NOT the British Government.Bermuda, despite its tiny size, is wealthy enough not to need the support from the United Kingdom some other overseas territories get.

Only in external affairs and defence does the UK have a controlling interest.It is not tied to any laws of the European Union (EU). Many Americans visiting Bermuda assume, wrongly, that British-UK laws apply. Bermuda laws do and in significant ways are much more restrictive to non-nationals than any British, USA, Canadian, Caribbean, Australian, New Zealand and other democratic country laws.Only in external affairs, some aspects of the judiciary, some areas of defence and some areas of the police is Bermuda subject to UK oversight.See Bermuda History with the Old and New Worlds since 1500.It has been completely self-governing (except for defence, external affairs and internal security, which are reserved British-UK powers) for centuries, is the smallest of all the fourteen BOTs (see below) yet has by far the most evolved British Parliament in the world after Westminster in London.

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It is based on old British military Field Marshals, with a white pith helmet with dyed scarlet swan's feathers plumage and Mameluke sword by Wilkinson Sword.

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