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Odonil Room Freshener sprays are available in a variety of exciting fragrances including Jasmine Spirit, Lavender Breeze, Wild Fantasy & Ocean Dreams.Air fresheners sell like gangbusters in the United States.At the same time, industry representatives maintain that air fresheners pose no risk. A 2007 study by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) spiked this public debate.In testing 14 different air fresheners sold at a Walgreens drug store, the study concluded that many contained chemicals that could cause developmental and reproductive problems, especially for infants [source: NRDC].The use of the air freshener design for the 2.4GHz Wireless Air Wick Air Freshener Camera is a good idea for a nanny cam.It would have been much better though if the device actually functions as an automatic air freshener sprayer as it would really be a perfect camouflaged for the nanny cam.Some, however, called the NRDC testing procedures into question since it didn't take into account factors such as the size of the room it is dispensed in, a person's distance from the product and the time they stay in a room [source: Masters].But the list of possible air freshener irritants doesn't stop there.

Just spray it and transform the mood of your family members.

These air fresheners appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes and one of the most common configuration is the Air Wick automatic sprayer that can be placed anywhere in the house to release the fragrances of your choice.

Click Here For 2.4GHZ Wireless Air Wick Air Freshener Camera These air fresheners are so ordinary-looking that people may overlook the fact that the automatic sprayer actually has a hidden camera or nanny cam embedded underneath like the 2.4GHz Wireless Air Wick Air Freshener Camera.

Although the organization didn't call for the removal of the air fresheners from the market, it set off a wave of mixed reactions.

Walgreens, for instance, removed three of its generic brand air fresheners that the study found had the highest levels of phthalates [source: Meersman].

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