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While we were waiting to be seated my oldest daughter Maggie spotted the in the gift shop and although we immediately said “no way,” from that moment on she could think of nothing else.All through our delicious dinner, surrounded by dramatic (fake) meteor showers and animatronic dinosaurs, she fixated on the one thing she couldn’t have rather than the cool sights we were actually experiencing.Stuff isn’t evil in and of itself, but in a world where we are constantly told that what we have isn’t quite good enough, the love of things can so very easily consume us.It is the pursuit of it all–more toys, cuter clothes, a prettier house, a nicer car, a bigger computer, a fancier phone–that makes us forget all the things that actually matter.The girls watched me in stunned silence for a few minutes and then, when the shock wore off, they helped. I had no idea what a dramatic difference this one semi-impulsive decision would make in all our lives.I first started noticing a real change about 4 weeks later when we took a family trip to Key West.I justify it, telling myself it was on sale or a really good deal, or something we really needed, or that I deserve it because I work so hard.In reality it is just another thing I am trying to buy to solve a problem that runs much deeper.

Afterwards we decided it would be fun to take the girls to dinner at a dinosaur-themed restaurant called T-Rex in Downtown Disney.Every time I came back to check on them, they had not only NOT picked up, they had made an even bigger mess. All their dress-up clothes, baby dolls, Polly Pockets, & stuffed animals, all their Barbies, building blocks, and toy trains, right down to the the furniture from their dollhouse and play food from their kitchen.I even took the pretty Pottery Barn Kids comforter from their bed.I worried that I was scarring them for life, depriving them of some essential developmental need, taking away their ability to self-entertain. Instead of being bored, they seem to have no shortage of things to do.Their attention span is much longer and they are able to mindfully focus on their task at hand.

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What was most amazing to me was that we didn’t talk to them about it ahead of time.

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