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“Only 4 percent of the kids who said they were digitally abused experienced only that form of teen dating violence.” These ultra-connected teenagers are even more aware of who’s saying what about whom—and how quickly bad information can flow from one person to another.

“We—parents, teachers and society—need to teach them that harassment is not the purpose of technology, so that if something happens, they are aware that it’s wrong and can seek assistance,” she said.SEE ALSO: Youth Culture Update: Abuse in the Digital Age Another key to training is for parents to teach their children what honoring the opposite sex means.“When our kids see how I treat my spouse, they’re going to know what’s healthy in a relationship,” said Baldwin.We’ve all heard the stories about teens and sexting, texting and diatribes on Facebook.But what hasn’t been fully understood is how abusive technology can become, especially in teen dating relationships.

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“When used in a negative way versus a positive way, it can be relentless and really a source of control over that partner and be very invasive in his or her life.” Digital Reduction SEE ALSO: How to Help Your Teen Make the Right Choices About Dating Pulling the plug on technology might seem like a simplistic solution to teen digital dating abuse, but that would not solve the underlying issue.

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