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(mappe 55, side 61) 2 thuer -10 (mappe FD5, side X/4,14) 25 røde roser (mappe p2, side 5) 250:- kr. A Ha' Penny For A Cotton Ball 110 (O'Neill's) A handful of songs 11 4 (Imudico) A hard day's night 7 2 (Imudico) A highland lad my love was born (mappe 7, side 51). Node Album) American Patrol 18 52 (Imudico) American patrol s.14 (PM) American wooden shoe polka (mappe 22, side 6). An der schonen blauen donau s.18 (PM) An der schönen blauen donau (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 64). An der schönen blauen Donau 36 34 (Imudico) An der Weser (mappe 35, side 74). An Echo From Leinster 190 (O'Neill's) An mignon (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 31). And I love her 3 37 (Imudico) And og gås (mappe 41, side 126).

6-dages valsen 12 30 (Imudico) AA Banda 21 16 (Imudico) A big hunk O'love (mappe 42, side 94). A Blast Of Wind 80 (O'Neill's) A blossom fell (mappe 8, side 40). A Bright May Morning 100 (O'Neill's) A Bunch Of Haws 84 (O'Neill's) A certain smile 3 32 (Imudico) A Cloudy Morning 121 (O'Neill's) A dear John letter 14 40 (Imudico) A Draught Of Ale 41 (O'Neill's) A dream is a wish -askepot (mappe 25, side 52) A Fig For A Kiss 88 (O'Neill's) A Fig for a kiss -slip jig (mappe 56, side 85) A foggy day 14 31 (Imudico) A guy is a guy (mappe 26, side 64). An affair to remember 3 9 (Imudico) An Apple For The Teacher 35 40 (Imudico) An der schonen blauen Donau (mappe 41, side 212).

This car was first owned by a Washington DC Lotus Dealer and was then sold to an Arizona based owner.

I sold the car because it was flooded and after that was stored in a basement where clutch, brakes, etc., developed rust.Get in and drive.1970 Europa S2, purchased approximately September 1974, from Rallye Sports LTD in Fairfax, Virginia.Car price was ,995, car was painted blue and I think that was the original color.The paint is flawless and has only a couple of stone chips.Mechanically the vehicle is in outstanding condition not requiring any work at all.

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