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One can watch the development of minimal detection limits with progress of current acquisition time: Version 1.10 and higher: A new icon of the icon bar directs the operator to spectra simulation (with realistic spectra settings): The spectra display setup has some new features: - display of simulated main element and the overlayed one - scrolling through all elements even with spectra full size display - an icon for excitation/analysis-depth calculation - Calculation of detection limits with choice 'predefined beam curent' or or 'predefined countrate' Overvoltage and analysis depth calculation It is possible to select the energy of interest for absorption calculation directly or via selections in the line energy form before (the same procedure as for element search with line selection).

Escape-effect) is possible in dependence of excitation conditions and detector parameters: Additionally, overlays of two elements and detection limits can be simulated with given excitation conditions.For analysis depth also absorption of low energy X-rays is considered.Low energy X-rays are possible to excite in depth, but is very often not able to leave the specimen.Therefore the absorption limits the analysis depth in many cases.- The values are displayed always separated for K-, L- and M-radiation (if excitation is possible).

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With red color, the main critical excitation energy of the main electron potential (electron-shell) is marked: Searching for alpha- and escape- lines is standard setting.

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