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I befriended a good number people, a few of whom I met in person, most of whom I only interacted with on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, which is what everyone used before texting and Facebook chats).At the time, about a year before I came out, it was thrilling to connect with people who were gay and bi (queer identity hadn’t become a big thing yet), around my age, and having similar experiences.When you’re young and don’t have any real life dating experience (which most adults who are coming to online dating for the first time do have), online dating is very real, very emotional, and very confusing.For these reasons, I put together a rough guide to online dating.This is one of the most difficult parts of being queer, and if you think it’s tough today, imagine how things were 100 or even just 50 years ago.Not only has finding each other been a constant challenge for queers, there has always been the added variable of recognition.With online dating, the ambiguity (and risk) of cruising was minimized.If you lived somewhere cruising wasn’t even an option, the Internet provided a way to connect with other queer people near and far.

I don’t have the life experience to speak authoritatively about online dating for female-bodied queer people.Especially in the world of M4M (male for male) online dating, racism and body privilege are constantly occurring on a massive scale. One is that online dating isn’t properly acknowledged. Another problem is that adults don’t teach young people how to engage with online dating like they teach them about what some refer to as traditional dating (i.e. Yet another problem is that young people today are thrown in the tank with the big fish.Even after years of online dating, I feel super weird when I get propositions from people who are 20 and even 30 years older then me.Be Honest: Have a clear, recent picture of yourself, and provide your real age, etc.Be specific about your desires, expectations, and boundaries. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you for information. Remember, there is a person just like you on the other side of the screen If They Won’t Stop, Block: If you’re receiving messages from someone after you’ve told them that you’re not interested, do not hesitate to block them from contacting you. Stand Up For Yourself: If you get a rude or otherwise inappropriate message from someone, let them know what they said is not okay.

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