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After this period, the correlation increases, but does not reach positive values (Fig.The influence of climate on European larch tree rings growing outside their natural range differs from other coniferous species.The sites belong to the Polish lowland and have sub-Atlantic vegetation with a predominantly oceanic climate.

For Norway spruce growing within its natural range in the south-eastern part of Poland, March temperature seems to be one of the most important factors in determining tree growth (Koprowski and Zielski ).Climate data from May (previous year) to September (current year) served as independent variables and the residual chronologies for each site were used as dependent variables.).The portion of the latewood (LW) in the whole tree-ring width (TRW) is comparable and varies from 33 % (region 4) to 38 % (region 1).The bootstrap running correlation with a 25 year shifting window revealed a decreasing impact of late winter temperatures, especially for TRW and EW in region 3, where the highest impact was observed for the years 1963–1989 (Fig. In the last 20 years, the influence of March temperature on tree-ring widths and earlywood is stable and does not reveal a positive or negative effect.For latewood (LW), the influence of March temperature is slightly negative, especially for the period 1977–2001, reaching minimum values for the years 1981–2005.

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The cores were prepared for measurement using standard dendrochronological procedures (Zielski and Krąpiec ).

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