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“I’ve done as much as I’m going to do and doing any more is unfair,” they cry.

Part of the argument – that liberal women have some sort of obligation to bridge the sex gap – falls rather short when you consider motivation for Democrats to mercy-fuck people who hate them? or the one person who may be the reason why you never talk to them again.The issue, Laber insists, is that people are dating folks whom they like. From his piece: Assortative mating is when someone partners and starts a family with someone of a similar background.It can be based on innate characteristics, such as race and ethnicity, or socioeconomic backgrounds.And with the number of people who are either queer themselves or have LGBTQ friends and family, it’s not unreasonable to prefer to date people who will reaffirm the basic humanity of their loved ones. It amplifies an already significant ingroup-outgroup mentality around contentious social issues.But while we’re at it: One of the things that’s significant about Laber’s screed is who he’s directing it towards: women. Social and cultural issues create severe disagreement because they trigger the emotional part of the brain: the disagreement challenges a core part of group identity.

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Laber is, indeed, correct that he and his cohorts that women are performing some sort of Lysistrata-esque pork-out against white nationalists and their quislings…

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