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Between 19, he was co-director of the Mont Blanc observatories company.

In 1907, Štefánik received the Prix Jules Janssen, the highest award of the Société astronomique de France, the French astronomical society.

His father, Pavol Štefánik, was a local Lutheran pastor, and his mother was Albertína Jurenková.

; July 21, 1880 – May 4, 1919) was a Slovak politician, diplomat and astronomer.

During World War I, he served at the same time as a general in the French Army and as Minister of War for Czechoslovakia.

He graduated in 1904 with a doctorate in philosophy and with a thorough knowledge of astronomy: he even finished his studies with a thesis in astronomy.

He wrote his thesis about a star which was discovered in the Cassiopeia constellation in 1572.

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At the end of 1907, however, Janssen died and Štefánik lost his job.

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