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Today it is very easy for a teenager to find information about BDSM if interested, but in my youth there was next to no chance to inform myself.What I knew after this episode was that I could probably like the idea of being tied up - and of being with a woman. They have reached an by age now where I do not dare to bother them with details about my sexual needs. When I was looking at my schoolmates I could never ever imagine that somebody else could feel the same as I did. Pupils today, as I have heard, do talk very frankly about the various versions of sexuality. Thanks to heaven again, both my parents had jobs, such that after school I had our apartment all for myself.She reached out for one of my nipples, not really sure if she should do this, when I took her hand and put it on my left breast.Instantly we laid in each others arms, kissing thirstily, breathing heavily, and rubbing our bodies at each others.I certainly was blushing red, and my mother looked at me somehow puzzled.Nobody can lie to a mother, so I am pretty sure that she had an idea about what I could have done in there.

Twice or more often I cut myself instead of the clothes line, but after what felt like eternity I could get free. For the next week or so I only would wear some of my sweat shirts with long and worn out sleeves, extremely cautious in my movements to not let them slip up.

Some facts about my real life and identity are of course somewhat alienated. At the age of about forty I suddenly felt the need to write it down. With all the ups and downs a BDSM-life can possibly offer. We stayed in a little Bed & Breakfast hotel in Bavaria near the border of the GDR (the Berlin wall was still standing).

So are the names, except of my slave's name, with in fact is Andrea. When I went for the loo shortly after arrival, I found a bunch of magazines for entertainment while being on business.

I kept this oath for several years, only fantasizing about being tied up while masturbating - and hating me for this. At the age of 16 I was very close with another girl from my school.

We had met on a school party and, by chance, had danced together, coming closer to each other with each dance.

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