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"Melissa, is there something you want to ask me or whatever? Melissa took a big breath and motioned for me to take a seat.We both sat in those ridiculously small chairs they put in the preschool classrooms.The two of them keep in shape though and most people are surprised to hear their real age, figuring them to be at least five to ten years younger.

Although I post a website that contains a lot of personal information and such, I alter enough of the details such that I figure the odds are negligible that anyone I care about will recognize us.While I know this frustrates people I'm totally open about it.Still, some people choose to ignore me and push for it.Melissa took yet another deep breath and started over yet again."I was in the kitchen earlier tonight and there was a few of the fathers talking.

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Admittedly once in a while I'll lead them on but I don't feel guilty about it - personally I think they deserve it for not respecting me in the first place.

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