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A public domain book is one Ihat was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Von (Iracfe considered it a fact, that during Jhe first years of life this i']oudiii4-^ oontintied to int-reii«e in satiir Rlion. flenee «) many lampllur faiaracl R are overlooked during the cariy vioni of life. Owing 3»4 to tlip extreme lluiui««« of Ibe capsule of the tens, the pigmented edge of the iris wilt Ecem la lie in contact with the leas when the cortical sube UDce is totallr opaque. If we aaw Mrlaie its t»e wlib a well defloed cottdllton. Our koowledge concerain^ senile cataract hae advanced in more ways than one.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary counliy lo countiy. Great cr«dii shoultl be given to Arit, who won the tint to fortniilatc our idni K as to the aetiolof^ of lamellar cataractti. (o vrhich thi- iniillior likcu'i M* 4i«' llie cutaract d(*velo|t in tbc coun K- o( a few iniuiilas- 'Thv clii Ul iher «\%i\S ■*■»» t^i^tlii vawk* old: two other (■liildren in the tame family had iii D^i-riital (-ot Hnic I . uliu had |viotihly (Xdinincd tlt» child, mid ftiiiiid Ihc evf* lindlhy. If transparent cortical eub&UDce is ^till present behind the iris, on focal illuminatio D a black intcrepace will appear b(;tween thv pupillary edge of the iris, taxi the mo Ht anterior lamellae which reflect Uie li^t Thie i« knova as the projcct«d iris shadow, and b; thiit means one can delemiine how much cortical subatance still reinuinii. Tbe anelent operatom otwer Ted, ttial where tbe lens bad become completely clpudj-, it would, coramratl Tvly ypvaklog, be ea eastljr remove O Cron lia otp- snle aa a ripe fnilt lcl out of Itn pod; bftict tin- rsprviistoo. sucb as was dewrtbed, and for wblcb we are lod«t)t#d to Arlt (1. Wi are indvbtt Kl to Pniiitiv Smith tor one impodjinl e for- ward.

Iiiflmnmiiton* capsular oloudinese, flegenfrativi* Oiliilar Hypfrplspia. to the choo8Jii)i: of the proper time for operation. At limes the Tolame of the nilaract i^ dependcnl on the ."tjige of il» development. Lliut lilt' i-pitbt'liiil lining )K-uoiiir ^eparntetl from the capsiilp And fai U to Wcomo aiiherpnt aj Eaiii. A perfectly aiinlo^ouo result followi^ wherj «|Mii)laui-uus liixaiiitii of pi-rfirtly lniiift]mrcnl Irtisef. This lai*l con- ib Uoti, however, i* the result of wine previous diec BM! ihe •lioi'olviii]; iii-tiuii of the aipiroii^ and vitreoiin it; mtide nianife^ at ouee liy tin- rlimdiiti-s M. A porliuii of the Hbaormalilie& can Im- traced to aiioimliea in the development of llie lens and the eye; anol Kcr portion ari»»'s after th« lens liaa lieen fii Uy developed; tliat iit, during the foetal piic of the entire organ- iim, or pspeeially in tlio eye. Iitil nil r(in)(«nilii] Himvms of tlii fifttuiv of the eyp. i\icr\i formit arr- Ihp transitional i*tu'per- plaaa pf the epithelium nn ita inner surface. Ill bis "I'alliology and Tlicrapie," page STO, btclicr staler, "Since the causative diseai^ ia not liimtetl lo noy particular period of life, hence tho cataract may develop in diffeient vanetiea; in young individuals as a total ■oft cataract, in the aged as a mixed catamct. In his "Path- olojty and Thwapie," " he suggested, that possibly a chemical exnmina- lion might throw Mime light on the subject.

A» a reftidt of dircet contact of the eap- Bule with the v Hscular pupillar}- margin of the iutlamcd iri^. n porttntr of (lie lens receives its nour- iidimeiit MS it did in foelul life: namely, by mean» of Ihe vascular oapiule. Inipn-Htvd mort- e Hpc Hnlly In ibc •■»iidl II»n K nf Ihv Ivi M. wv dl Acero dellcato chetulcnl dlfroreoces, which would Qol ulhi-rnlsc luive b«-n illnfovwred. My (Becker**) putients were, respectively, 19, ST, 38, 40, 6*,fflud 63 yean* of age, whei*fl« I recollect that formerly I operated a number Wlween the age* of JS and -'15, and some of thet^e were blood relationf L Seegen's «ix diabetic tatsract ps-tients were, re»pectively, 13, ^9, 47. owing to this exceptional condition of the ]e D», there should follow n peculiar cataract formation.

ran »ee p Hft the catar Bct, and the degree of Tinon may Ih- relatively high. it utll Ix- cniiiu'iillr [ini|f thf variolic ooiu mvc-rsicg f Xintin;; wiuvmiojr l Ue jxcii*? * *)f (liiitwti*- ra Uirwct will i«i«l m^ in fontiu Ut- in^ Mil iiitinioii iis m tli» manner in wliitli i-imi-liliit! When the entire cortical Milwtiinotf 1)89 becoino totally cloudy, ve «pi? Thi» taking up of waier 'i» folhmcd by a giving o(T of ihe Mmo; the tumescc Rce, by a rcditctioii in Tnliime.

If the cloudy lamellae arc very centrally located, hencp cepwially small, tlie eye, where there ia a moderately wide ptipil. A« a rule these interspaces make their flrit appoarancr- in the i-ortical suh- stonce, in the equatorial region, becauee in the region of the poles both '33 CAfi Mili- ti Mil i'i;ul»«laiice i^ not cloudy. a further distinction if made: a Mage immi^Iiately preceding that of ripe- nenn iit di-iiitegn)iion of the lens fibres is stconipanied by « Inmesccnce or enelling of (he leus, duo to the taking up o F u-nter. This may proceed go rapidly and the fwlar diameter of the lens so increnw. * Ihe iris for- wanl, eo as to li-t'ttcn the depth of Ibe anterior ihaniber.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from countiy to countiy, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. The Inspiration of this Work is the Fruit of His Labor. THE MANNER IN WHICH THE NOKMAL AND PATHOLOGICAL LENS-SYSTEM IS NOURISHED. Atrophy, Hypertrophy, Dissolution, Anomalies of Formation. ITomcr laid xit'ii weight (■» the fact that, nwdc from the convulnoua, other signs of radiitie could be fniiiid, II wiih mainly the result of hia ob- st Tvation that attention was first, dniwii to the rachitic fnnii of toeth found in these ciu*es. Zonular cataract appc^rg to he developed at birth, hut probably develope? Tbia new furiiii Hl Inyvr tit Itiilnuijiitiinry tls Hiti' flilx Ihe piil dlxtlnetlj: aeen In the Ntnined w-erioiw. or in tnw* whp«» a yonthfiil indiviriiial hfli^ j^nfffivd dcslruction of tilt' fleep-^entrd iilnictiirp* of Ihc eye: hrncp. nid- ub I petrification i.'^ ^teaditv Roini; uti, from withuiil inwnnl; that lhoti)rh finiilly thrrv iiinst lie • rcn' (onsidcrnhli- cni M of hine fti\t», this Ti HWt Still be permeable to the inorganic consliluents of Ihe nntrilive fluid. Both eyea were cuttdciilfd, niiil »t «iicr pl Hci-il in Miillcr's fluid, wlu-n* ilit-y riii( Krey. Michel says atheroma of the carotid i» such a di M^rr. neh a QUtritive dieturbancc leads lo cataract." ''Michel go PB on to statr, "•owing to the rijtid wiil U of ihi' nrlerie H.

Please do not assume Ihat a book's appearance in Google Book Search means il can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. The direction and course of the Nutritive Stream in the Lens. Owing (u the greni i Mi|»ortnnce ivhirh atlachf* to the siniul- laneous presence of itiie form cf Ircth and ihie form of calawct, 1 quote hia description. nmre frequently in extra-uterine life, and as to how late in life this tuay develop, the above cases of zonular cataract demon- itrat«. hut Imtift ntthrr tn Uio u«Htiiii- stn'tehed inemhrane. The ciliary proeesaea are pressed aatrrlorly, and are loui: am) ililn Petll'a Canal la 2.7 mm. nmh'p i-diiilili'iiici trt he oftn- bidoml imi'i-lilh. Minule calcnreo Hii deposits nn at limes uuteil in oxer-ripe, seoile, non-com- plicated rataractc. A few ilay» i Mfore death atropine wa* Instilled Into the Ttte caiamei had a niillcy color, evenly dll Tii Hetl. The lenn tmd thi' ume iipppiirniipt- aftri' i-nu Hi-ii Ilon. ihe pulae waves are not cvried auflicient Jy far, and in Gonee* I-Vb I|ch W tur Kriiilrli-li llurner. »37 u( «I«stivitv, the column uf blood is not propelled onn-anl. , for ceteris paribus, a column of fluid will rise, not slower, but more quickly lo a ri^d tube; bnt whe'iv Mip propfllinf; force acts periodically, the column will not ascend wjiilinuoue W, but intvrmiltpntly.

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