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Under the "Keyboard" menu you should have Enhanced Keyboard and 102-keys selected. All the UK servers I control, I now pin the on-screen keyboard to the start menu now so I can get to that key fairly easily.I could set the machines to US keyboards, but my UK based colleagues probably wouldn't thank me for it :) To solve this problem, Simply go to keyboard layout seetings on the control panel and change the keyboard layout to US and save.

You can add a bill reminder, split expense with a friend/roommate and track it via "Who Owes Me" and "I Owe"Track Every Coin - best way to track your income, expense, savings, bill reminders, company reimbursements and split bills.I need vertical bar (for pipe) all the time in Linux, and, fortunately, found that with Well, the key to the left of the Z key seems to only be there on UK keyboards.Perhaps you should switch to the "international" keyboard layout that puts the UK pound on Right Alt Shift 4 and the Euro on Right Alt 5.also, I found this comment on a forum, it may help.If it is important, ask an English-speaking friend or teacher to check it before you send it.Academic English Study how to write essays in English.

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