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Access to the underside of the sidewalls for repair was by careening.

The dock was launched in February 1902 and completed June 1902. She was stationed in Bermuda from 1902 to 1946 when she was sold and taken to Montevideo.

It was made by the Locomobile Company of America, which made automobiles under that brand name from 1899 to 1929. In the floating graving type dock, there are three separate pontoons each bolted to the continuous sidewalls on either side.

Its biggest success was in steam-powered traction and portable engines for agricultural and haulage economic boom created by the massive Walker Works project of expanding and modernizing the Royal Naval Dockyard, hundreds of West Indians from many Caribbean islands arrived in Bermuda by sea. The dock was referred to officially as Admiralty Floating Dock No. AFD1 is a floating graving type floating dock designed by Clark & Standfield for the British Admiralty and built by C. Self docking was accomplished by unbolting the centre pontoon and sinking the dock allowing the centre pontoon to rise up.

The scope of that massive construction included Watford Island, Boaz and Ireland Islands, the building of a Watford (Swing) Bridge and construction of a railway to carry tons of fill for the reclamation of land from the sea.1902. The pontoon was then reattached at the higher level and then raising the dock, thus lifting the centre pontoon clear of the water.

The structure had been started in August 1901 and eventually spanned the 450 feet of the channel.

Her armament (after reconstruction in 1883) consisted of a 10ft armored ram, 2 x 12 inch guns, 2 x 6 inch guns, 8 x 3 in quick-firers. The Boer War Cemetery in Bermuda was built by Boer prisoners.

Unfortunately for the local civilian population, HM ships and the British Army garrison, the POWs brought with them an outbreak of enteric fever.1901. The New York Times reported that "the Boer prisoners of war confined on Darrell's Island make almost nightly attempts to avoid the patrolling gunboats Medina and Medway and to gain the mainland by swimming.

Note that this dock should not be confused with the first Bermuda dock, which was designed by Campbell in 1869.1902. With the end of the Boer War and victory of the British, all surviving (as a number had died in Bermuda) Boer prisoners of war except one were released and sent back to South Africa, after taking an oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

The exception was POW Dowelling, of German birth, who because he refused to take the oath was not allowed to leave Bermuda.

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