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Like Dani helping Moroccans get scholarships, it was inspiring to find people supporting Talitha Brauer’s mission to photograph refugees and tell their story.

I watched a few of her videos and got a new perspective on the fortune of my own situation, which I think is always important.

The reason I wanted to highlight her is not because of what she’s doing, but because of ratio on my entire list, which goes to show that even if you just charge a few dollars for your offering, you can build up a very respectable side-income.

Watching the gameplay of 90 Minute Fever brought back a lot of childhood memories playing Championship Manager on my Windows 95 and XP computers.

I’ve heard about games like Dungeons and Dragons but if I’m totally honest with you, I have no idea how they’re played or what a game even looks like.

That’s why it was so interesting to me to see someone making a decent side income by illustrating maps for these popular games.

With two Patron’s paying 0/m and one paying 0/m, there’s clearly a demand for his Fat Legs BBQ offering.

I’ve already written about how popular (and profitable) local news can be so I really wanted to highlight this story of an individual who is solely reporting on a US city.

The Bay Area – which is San Francisco for the rest of us – is home to 850,000 people so there’s more than enough to write about.

With some Patron’s pledging up to 0/m, I can only hope her numbers begin to grow.

I had to really dig deep to figure out what Inception Publishing is all about and if I’m honest with you, I’m still not totally sure.

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Dani, who you may know from the popular web development forum , helps Moroccan students get scholarships in the USA.

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