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I just want you to know, I've been where you are right now. I chose HYDRA for petty, personal, selfish reasons... When the team regrouped on the Bus, it was discovered that Jemma Simmons had been infected by the virus.

The man later died and Simmons checked the team for the virus.

With the Chitauri Neural Link now in hand, Ward ran to the top of the building, where he was extracted by S. While Coulson's Team learned more about the situation, Mike Peterson kidnapped Skye and assaulted Melinda May. Peterson however was too enraged to listen and instead used his enhanced strength to throw Ward hard on the ground and began desperately searching for his son Ace Peterson, who Coulson had given to the police for his own safety. Fearing that Peterson would explode regardless, Ward prepared to fire, however Leo Fitz arrived and gave him a Night-Night Gun and Ward shot Peterson with it, knocking him out cold and cooling down his Extremis in his body, saving him. Before long the argument was stopped by Phil Coulson was claimed that the mission was a success as nobody on their team was killed and they had saved Camilla Reyes' men as well. When they learned where the gold had originated from, they learned that Hall was being kept by billionaire Ian Quinn. Fitz, Simmons and Skye were in a van that was attacked by Amador, who drove into its side, knocking it over.

""Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.""And what does that mean to you? Ward informed Fitz, Simmons and Skye of the near attack against them and engaged in a brief debate with Skye about the rebels of Peru rising up against their government, with Ward noting that such violence should not be celebrated, accusing the Rising Tide's own methods of being dangerous.

While being detained at a juvenile detention center, Ward was unexpectedly visited by S. Garrett eventually revealed to Ward that he was not loyal to S. When strange deaths started occurring where the victims' bodies were found floating with a hole in the forehead, Coulson's team was sent to investigate.

Christian survived but had Ward arrested by the police and pushed for the courts to try Grant as an adult to get the maximum punishment against him. Damn son, you stepped up in a big way, I couldn't be prouder if you were my own." Ward was driven into the middle of a forest by John Garrett who shot ducks and reassured him that his brother and the rest of his family were happy to be rid of him and therefore the police would not be looking for him. Garrett then pulled a gun and aimed it at Ward, before firing it at nearby cans with incredible accuracy, promising to teach him Ward to shoot and that within a few months he would be able to shoot even better than he could."You've been accepted by S. While eating in their campsite, Garrett told Ward the story of how he had gained his many cybernetic enhancements when he had been left to die. Fitz continued to modify the new Night-Night Guns for Ward to inspect, he was however unsatisfied with the weight, and when he left he heard the team mocking him with funny voices.

As a teenager, he tried to burn down his family home. Ward ended up accidentally killing Palamas, and he rejoined the remnants of HYDRA, deciding to rebuild the organization and become its new leader. He had an abusive older brother who would frequently force Ward to beat up his younger brother. Ward also had a sister with whom he no longer has contact. While Buddy ran out to collect the corpse ready to be cooked for their dinner, Ward jokingly commented that the body was so far out that it would take the dog a while to find it and bring it back to them. Ward was told that the next few years would undoubtedly be very tough for him, as working for HYDRA within S. As a team they then decided to use the Peruvian 0-8-4's power to ambush and defeat the Peruvian military before rescuing Phil Coulson from Reyes during the chaos. F.s to activate the 0-8-4 and blow a hole in the side of the Bus, killing many of the soldiers as they were sucked out. However Skye's quick thinking also helped to save Ward's life when she activated a life boat which blocked the hole and saved Ward. Fitz claimed Ward had a tell which would reveal to Fitz if he was lying. Ward cuffed Skye and took her and Lydon into custody aboard the Bus.

D., disguised as a Level 7 operative, he was abused as a child by his family. During the HYDRA Uprising, he killed Victoria Hand but still maintained his cover as a loyal S. They started a path in order to close their wounds and move forward that culminated in kidnapping Bobbi Morse, whom they considered responsible for Palamas' brainwashing. Grant Douglas Ward grew up in Massachusetts and had a difficult childhood. They continued Ward's weapons training as they went out to hunt deer at incredible range, sending Buddy out to collect the dead deer once Ward had killed it with his sniper rifle. When Ward went to thank Garrett for everything he had done for him, he was told not to thank him, as Garrett believed that he had done it all himself. They discussed their plan as May broke free by dislocating her own wrist before defeating Vilca and freeing Ward and the rest. Ward however suddenly found himself in danger of being sucked out of the plane as he lost his grip and fell towards the hole in the side of the Bus. After the mission, Ward played cards with Leo Fitz, who seemed strangely confident about his chances of beating Ward. was closing in on him while tracking down a leak that endangered the life of Hong Kong resident Chan Ho Yin.

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