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In 2007, he claimed Putin had a fortune worth at least magazine’s ranking of billionaires.(Forbes, the premier chronicler of the world's wealthiest, doesn’t include Putin on its list of billionaires.Mike Ransom learns of a Russian presence in North Vietnam.In fact, at a time when his political motivations are under scrutiny across the world, the struggle to pin down Putin’s riches reveals something about the covert ways in which he wields his authority over Russia.The most often cited estimate comes from a former mid-level Kremlin adviser named Stanislav Belkovsky.I enjoy challenging myself to realize a new part of me that I might not have otherwise known existed.I ended up losing a lot of the excess weight I carried around and it changed my life; so much so that I decided that I wanted to become a group exercise instructor.…

Sexual education can be included or excluded depending on the school preference.

His most requested show – “Inspirational Comedy” is just that – funny and inspiring! You can create any change in your life through the choices you make.

Judson talks about the two main realities in life: 1. This program can be molded for many different topics with specific examples and explanations and has been presented on bullying and respect, alcohol and drugs, general motivation, classroom commitment, and much more.

Funny enough to be a comedian (he won the only contest he ever entered), educated enough to teach college (he taught several classes and turned down an offer to teach full-time), and lucky enough to learn that combination is one of the most powerful mediums for addressing anyone. His finale “The Evolution of Dance” (a hilarious routine of the last 50 years of popular dance moves) has been hailed as “The funniest thing ever” and ends his shows on a super high.

From the moment he steps on stage until he dances away his audiences are laughing and learning!

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Amalgam of Destruction is awarded for completing this achievement.

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