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We asked ourselves: Is it a coincidence that the solar cycle corresponds with the cycle of the conjunction or the opposition of the three planets? Although this question is by no means new, up to now scientists could not identify a plausible physical mechanism for how the very weak tidal effects of Venus, the Earth and Jupiter could influence the Sun’s dynamo.

“If you only just give a swing small pushes, it will swing higher with time,” as Frank Stefani explains the principle of resonance.

“Our calculations show that planetary tidal forces act here as minute external pace setters.

The oscillation in the alpha effect, which is triggered approximately every eleven years, could cause the polarity reversal of the solar magnetic field and, ultimately, dictate the 22-year cycle of the solar dynamo,” according to Stefani.

He and his team discovered in recent calculations that the alpha effect is prone to oscillations under certain conditions.

“The impulse for this alpha-oscillation requires almost no energy.

Many questions regarding the Sun’s magnetic field are still unanswered. Through self-excitation, a magnetic field is created from virtually nothing, whereby the complex movement of the conductive plasma serves as an energy source,“ says the physicist Dr. The Sun’s so-called alpha-omega dynamo is subject to a regular cycle.

It always arises when a strong enough current flows through a conductive liquid or a plasma.“That way we can essentially also locate the alpha effect in the tachocline,” says Frank Stefani.Now the HZDR scientists have discovered the first evidence for the Tayler instability also oscillating back and forth between right- and left-handedness.Above a certain strength, the interaction of the current with its own magnetic field generates a flow – in the case of the colossal Sun, a turbulent one.It is generally understood that the solar dynamo relies on the interaction of two induction mechanisms.

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In 1999, the specialists in magnetohydrodynamics were also involved in the first demonstration of the homogeneous dynamo effect in Riga.

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