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(There’s also a nifty augmented reality scavenger hunt that retailers are taking part in.) But as with all things , there’s a lot of information to sift through. We sat down to comb through all of the new products and releases, and highlighted the ones that have us most excited.

It may be a clever augmented reality headset, an insane new Lego set, or some incredibly accurate helmets, but if they’re on this list, it means we think they’re worth checking out.

Toy-makers and tech companies have unveiled the latest line-up of Star Wars gadgets ahead of Force Friday II, with everything from augmented reality headsets to your own personal R2-D2, complete with holographic simulations The engineers behind BB8 said when they were first presented with the challenge of creating a spherical robot by the Force Awakens director JJ Abrahms, they found several ways of creating the robot.

One they settled on was to create a pendulum that sites inside the main body of the robot.

When I found out that the bundle actually included a strikingly accurate lightsaber controller, I was sold.

Jedi Challenges is by no means perfect — the headset suffers from limited field of view, and the gameplay is fairly on-rails — but for a gaming toy that runs off a smartphone, it’s nonetheless quite impressive (particularly at 9.99).

The Force Link starter kit comes with the band and a Kylo Ren figure for .99, while the elaborate BB-8 playset also bundles the band along with a Supreme Leader Snoke and Elite Praetorian Guard figure for 9.99. But nothing quite tops the upcoming Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon.

The whole point of the Little Bits modular system is to encourage experimentation.

I’m not much of a figure collector, but I am a sucker for troopers — especially Hasbro’s Black Series line.

One figure that particularly stands out for me is an Amazon exclusive: a six-inch, First Order Stormtrooper that comes with a bunch of accessories, including a heavy blaster and equipment vest.

It’ll make a nice accessory for my desk, but sadly, Amazon is saying that it’ll begin shipping in December.

Another figure that I’m coveting actually made its debut earlier this year as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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