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In any case, when you get to this stage, you’re getting more for the same amount of money.The acquisition of Windows 8.1 Pro on its own is much more expensive.Unlike Vista, however, your system settings are not kept.As with Windows 7 and Vista, you should pick up the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade and save yourself some money.When you upgrade from Windows Vista, you can only bring your system settings and files.Unfortunately, there is no handy detour via Windows 7.Without Service Pack 1, switching to Windows 8.1 will result in the loss of all the specific system settings from your programs.An additional installation of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 can’t hurt either.

If you already use Windows 8, then you’ve got it easy.In addition, the upgrade license is cheaper than the full version of Windows 8.1.The acquired programs, however, only work with appropriate compatibility.Theoretically, you could keep your programs by upgrading to Windows 7 and then Windows 8.For this to work, however, you would need to get two separate upgrade licenses.

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