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The amount of time that Larry was going to spend in that disguise was always limited.

() When writing it, we had that same thought Larry had on the show: "Well, there’s only one person on the planet that could really help him, and that’s Salman Rushdie." Then, you had to approach him.

Developed by Elizabeth Meriwether under the working title Chicks & Dicks, the series revolves around a kooky teacher, Jess (Zooey Deschanel), after she moves into a Los Angeles loft with three men, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris); Jess' best friend Cece (Hannah Simone) is also part of the series.

The show combines comedy and drama elements as the characters, who are in their early thirties, deal with maturing relationships and career choices.

Salman tells him to start living his life, and he’s going to now.

We needed Larry to get out of the disguise, for one thing, and also live his life a little more, because when he lives his life, that’s when the show happens.

By the end of the show, the fatwa is still there and it’s going to continue to permeate his life through the season, but at least now he’s a little more excited about the benefits and cares less about the consequences.

became so controversial in the Muslim community that a fatwa death sentence was issued against Rushdie by Iran's Ayatollah.

The premiere set up a season-long theme when TV Larry David, who had written a Broadway play based on Rushdie's life, had his own fatwa issued against him after an impression of the Ayatollah during a appearance went very wrong.

The first scene we were doing was when Larry finds him in his study and gets this pep talk. We were like, “He speaks so much better than we do.” Did he have any hesitations about the possible real-life consequences of resurfacing his own fatwa in the pop culture news cycle?

That was the question for us on the day: How much is he going to be willing to talk about his experience and make fun of it?

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The producers rejected early criticism of Jess' girlishness, insisting that Jess was not meant to be emblematic of all women.

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