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This will likely be at the pedophile’s home or at a motel, where the predator will attempt to get your teenager to have sex.There are online chat sites that are exclusively intended for people looking to meet and have sex.Online video chat can be a fun way for teens to chat with other teens their age and get to know new people.Of course there are many benefits of online video chatting, and video chatting can be a great deal of fun, especially for teens.

Encountering possible online predators is another potential danger of your adolescent spending time in one or more online chat room.

Again, monitoring your teen’s online activity is important. Bring up the topic of cyberbullying, and inform him or her that if he or she is ever the victim of it that a responsible adult should be notified, even if that adult isn’t you.

Be sure that your son or daughter fully understands what cyberbullying is.

Of course many teens have the ability to view restricted sites by bypassing filters, so you should keep this in mind.

It’s important not to become lax after installing a filter because you never know if your teen can figure out how to view adult websites despite the filter.

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