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It was midautumn when a spry five-foot-five Japanese champion climber named Dai Koyamada took up Nicole’s torch while developing V13s and V14s around his native Japan.

When the 27-year-old eventually announced completion of a 22-move roof problem in Hourai, it marked not only Koyamada’s personal best, but also purportedly the sport’s.

His proposed V16 grade went unchallenged until 2015, when fellow Japanese climber Motochika Nagao repeated the climb and called it V15.

In the seven years that followed, a handful of other problems would tickle V16 without confirmation, most notably Daniel Woods’ 2010 called to her but seemed impossible.

Kdy doputuje a do msta, prohl si krmky a peml, ktermu emeslu by se mohl vyuit. Je pijat a dokonce je tak zrun, e mu mistr dovol zhotovit perky pro princeznu, do kter se Ondra zamiloval.

Princezna je vak nm, ale i s tm si Ondra urit porad...

Na cest se Ondra setkv s mnoha lidmi a pi kadm takovm setkn prokazuje svou chytrost.

As practitioners pushed the outer limits of the sport, Sherman’s Hueco system soon replaced mathematician John Gill’s limited three-tiered system, in which B1 was equivalent to the top sport climbs, B2 was harder, and B3 had only one climber who had ever completed the route.

In the decades since, Sherman has said that “judging the quality or importance of a boulder problem based on a difficulty grade is bullshit.” While we admire Sherman’s insistence that the sheer beauty of a problem is its own reward, we’re nonetheless compelled by the way the sport has advanced since ’s timeline of the most impressive sends of the past quarter-century.

Jak chud mldenec skrze svou chytrost a ikovnost nakonec ke tst piel. Nmcov Televizn filmovou pohdku o tom, jak chud mldenec Ondra skrze svou chytrost a ikovnost nakonec ke tst piel, nabdneme v nedli odpoledne vem malm divkm.

V chud chalup ije mnoho dt, z nich nejstar je Ondra.

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Fred Nicole, a stout 27-year-old ex-competitive Swiss sport climber, was at the tail end of a summerlong tear ticking off the most complex boulder problems near his home when he came to , in the Valais region of Switzerland.

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